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The thought of all things passing and nothing staying put can be surprisingly soothing, since change is the most constant element of life. By making an inventive use of archives and existing images from illustrated books to museum collections, she examines the archive that shapes our collective memory. Displacement and translation play an important part in her work.

Stephen Shore in conversation with Jack Self

Her transcultural and transhistorical practice reflects on the meaning of the image in relation to identity and shared memories. In recent years she shift her focus to the fragile edges of the human mind and applied her playful appropriation of images in collaborative projects involving, among others, patients dealing with mental health issues, neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists.


She has exhibited in several international solo and group shows and made site-specific installations and art in community projects in assignment for a number of cities and museums. Her works are included in private and public collections of a.

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Born in in a family of antiquaires in Marseille, France Lives and works in Amsterdam sinceas in Marseille Mother of Alice since and married to Uwe since Dyscalculia, vertigo, asthma, fluent in French, English, Dutch, German and Italian Learning At the age of eight or nine I imagined my future as a detective, a police commissioner or a spy. Investigation of unknown grounds, focal points cultural anthropology and Art.

Some years later educated as a visual artist at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

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A recurring cycle, in learning and other professional activities: explore, analyze, inspire and exchange. Education Drs. Yasuo Imai. Tokyo, JP. Goddard, with a.

Elle contribue également au magazine Banipal. She started working with the publishing house Relee to bring the latest Arabic literature to the Spanish public through their new collection, Maktaba. She contributes to the Banipal Magazine.

Convinced by the transformational power of art, on the individual level as much as on the level of community and society.